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Considering hiring trade show models for your event? Confused about what role they play, especially when you have a staff who hosts your trade booth?

Trade show models are just another form of promotional advertising. They’re hired by your brand to represent your company and products at trade show events or conventions in Las Vegas. While there are no height or weight requirements required for models, they should be outgoing, personable, reliable, and engaging.

They’re also expected to engage with others, learn your brand quickly, and stand on their feet for long hours. Here are six of the most common roles that trade show models perform.

1. Attract Attention with Trade Show Models

The biggest reason to hire a trade show model is to attract attention to your booth. It’s her responsibility to attract the attention of attendees and bring them over to your booth. They can do this by walking around the trade show floor or hosting an event from the booth. They must rely on their attractive looks, charming personality, experience level, and professionalism in order to achieve this goal. This can be beneficial if your company is known for not having an energetic or bubbly staff.

2. Create a Positive First Impression

Trade show models are also responsible for creating a positive first impression. Their next focus is to connect with attendees and build a relationship with them. They should be warm, friendly, and inviting so that attendees are willing to approach the booth. Trade show models should also engage in positive conversations related to your brand.

3. Qualify & Generate Leads

They can also help you generate and qualify leads. Your company doesn’t have a lot of time to talk to cold leads. This is another major reason why most brands hire trade show models to help them out. They can qualify leads in a few short minutes on the floor or at the beginning of the event. This reduces the time it takes for your team to sort through unqualified leads at your event.

4. Assist With Product Demonstrations

Another important role that must take place is product demonstrations. Trade show models should be great at product demonstrations in an effort to keep attendees interested and engaged with your booth. They must display the basic skills it needs to host a successful product demonstration.

5. Host Games & Social Media

Another service that trade show models provide is their ability to host interactive games and events. It’s similar to the above-mentioned roles. The reason why trade show models are needed is so they can generate attention while the salespeople interact with interested attendees.

They’re also responsible for social media promotion. They can share updates, news, and photos from the trade show. There will be instances when trade show models will have to create a hashtag to encourage people to interact with your brand. This can lead to an increase in brand awareness and potential leads.

6. Act as a Spokesmodel

A trade show model also becomes the spokesmodel of your brand. They should have signed a contract with your company before beginning. The terms of the contract reveal that they agreed to become the face of your brand. You’re also paying them to attend the event and to make a special appearance.

Depending on the terms of the contract, you may agree to have them appear in future advertisements or travel around the world.

Modeling Agency in Las Vegas

As you can see, there’s a running theme with all the above-mentioned roles. Trade show models in Las Vegas are responsible for interacting with attendees and to assist with interactive trade show games, product demonstrations, and social media promotion. As previously stated, this role was originally created so trade show models can generate interest and sales.

Trade Show Models Las Vegas

Trade show models in Las Vegas are responsible for a wide variety of roles. They are also often referred to as promotional models or spokesmodels, or even brand ambassadors. Reach out to our modeling agency today to learn what we can do for you. If you are looking for any Las Vegas recommendations, such as hotels or restaurants, please reach out to our staff. We work at some of the top hotels and convention centers in Las Vegas!

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